román szerb-horvát német angol magyar

Our Motto: Competence, Compassion, Results


A full service law office serving all of the Republic of Hungary.

Established legal practise in downtown Szeged, Hungary.

Well known and trusted in the community.

Keeping pace with Hungary’s new business and legal environment without loosing traditional values.

Result oriented approach to your legal issues. We understand your time is precious and handle your affairs accordingly.

The office is equipped with modern telecommunications in order to expediate the resolution of your issues. We realize your time is limited and distances great, therefore our clients are able to keep in touch and conduct business with us via internet.


Dr. László Nagy
Mobile: +36-70-329 33 95
Tel./Fax: +36-62-457-797

Neophone: 888 181 730-657, 06 1 8888 181 730-657